Prof. J. Y. Son

    Professor (Great scholar in KHU)


Jong Yeog Son (e-mail:jyson@khu.ac.kr)

2011-:Department of Applied Physics, Kyung Hee Universty (Professor, Kyung Hee Fellow (great scholar))

2006-2011: MSE, POSTECH (Research professor)

2004-2006: Research Center for Dielectric and Advanced Matter Physics (Researcher)

2004 : Ph. D in Derpatment of Physics, Pusan National University


Research professor

Dr. H. Shin (e-mail:seking2000@hanmail.net)



1. Professor. Y. Ahn in Korea Univesity of Technology and Education

(e-mail:doctorahn@hanmail.net, yahn@khu.ac.kr)

2. Dr. J. Seo in KAIST

(e-mail:zheung@naver.com or khu.ac.kr)